We’re in a digital age and the importance of an online store cannot be overemphasized. The thing with creating an online store is that many things could go wrong, right or stagnant depending on what your actions and inactions. 

There’s a lot to do and that’s why its advisable to set up an effective solution right from the start and StoreBundle provides one of such effective solutions. With StoreBundle, you’ll be able to get the information you need from your prospects and get insights that will help you nurture them into returning customer. 

What’s StoreBundle?

StoreBundle is a plugin that provides all the solutions to bring sales, collect contacts from prospects and customers, engage with your customers and more importantly, increase sales. 

It’s the dream of every business owner to build a community of users that will never get tired of making referrals. But how do you get your customers to refer you if you’ve not met their needs?

This what StoreBundle attends to. If focuses on the needs of your customers and ensures that irrespective of how they meet you, they have a delightful experience with you.  

How does this work?

With StoreBundle, you’ll have access to different features that’ll help you to engage better with your customers. It’s designed to help you do the following;

  • Create store-wide announcements
  • Capture new and old leads
  • Collect contacts from prospects and customers – including emails and feedback
  • Provide a wide variety of solutions to increase sales
  • Get more contacts and engage your customers for a delightful experience
  • Capture emails with elegant banners or pop-ups
  • Increase sales

Benefits of StoreBundle as a PlugIn

  1. With the StoreBundle plugin, you dont have to switch between two apps to get a job done or hope that a feature you need will be included when next your website host makes an update.
  2. You can easily and dynamically extend it to include new features that’ll help you to drive and increase sales.
  3. There’s a clear road map for development
  4. Its simple to use and navigate.

Benefits of StoreBundle to your business

StoreBundle is designed to ensure that everyone that comes across your site leaves happily and are turned to even happier cutomers. 

Some of the benefits include; 

  1. Boost conversions – Prospects who visit your online store are given options to either make a purchase or subscribe to your mailing list. 
  2. Collect information – You’re provided with an easy solution that helps you to collect information from your customers and prospects. For your prospects, you’ll be able to get them to subscribe to your mailing list and your customers will be able to give you real time feedback about your products and how they want to be treated going forward.
  3. Engage visitors – Now that you have the information you need from your prospects, how do you ensure they come back for more? With StoreBundle, every prospect on your site is given a unique shopping experience. 
  4. Reduce App Fees & Improve Load Speed – StoreBundle is designed to provide a host of solutions and you can use it to easily replace several other apps. This will help you save a lot of money and your page can load even faster because you have less apps weighing it down. 

Features of StoreBundle 

StoreBundle provides solutions to assist you to reach your business goals. Some of the features you’ll enjoy when you use StoreBundle includes;

  1. Welcome Mats

Welcome Mats shows offers in a popup fashion to every new visitor that visits your website irrespective of how they came across it. With a welcome mat, you can use elegant banners to make store wide announcements, give discounts or capture leads.  Its a great way to increase conversion rate on your website as it helps you to quickly communicate your most important offer to every new visitor. 

  1. Promo Bars 

With promo bars, you’re able to display one or more advertising bars at different pages on your website. You can capture the attention of every visitors in a stylish and responsive fashion. It’s a great way to show promotions, deals, free shipping and a lot more. For festive seasons or during sales, you can use the promo bar to create urgency of your offerings and specials. It also helps you to encourage clients to purchase products.

  1. Pop Ups

With StoreBundle, you can use elegant pop Ups to make store wide announcements, give discounts or capture leads. You can use it to display information without disrupting the page that’s currently open for the customer, provide needed extra guidance for prospects and when you run ads with popups, you’re certain that people will definitely see it. 

  1. Sold Count

This feature showcases popular products by placing the total count sold on your product listing. This is a feature that encourages sale as everyone who visits your website can see what’s available and what isn’t. 

  1. Visitors Count

This feature allows you to showcase the number of visitors on your site. It helps you keep track of how often a website is accessed, how popular your site is and the particular pages that your customers visit the most.

  1. Cart Countdown

With this feature, you help your customers find what they are looking for faster and this transalates to make more sales for you. A common trend with online shoppers is that they tend to delay completing orders which results in a high rate of  cart abandonment. With a cart countdown, you’ll be able to create urgency, show the remaining time before an offer ends, and reduce abandoned cart by making customers take action.

  1. Free Shipping Bar

The free shipping bar allows you to create interactive bar that tell your customers when they have qualified for free shipping or how close they are to qualify for free shipping. This encourages customers to spend more on your store. 

  1. Geo Location Redirect

What this does is to automatically redirect your customers to different pages based on their Location. With this feature, you can expand your audience base and be rest assured that your website will be automatically redirected to the version designed for their location.

You can get started with StoreBundle easily and enjoy all the amazing features that will help you engage with your customers better. 

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