SMS for Business: A SendMunk Review

SMS for Business: A SendMunk Review

Being a more personal and direct approach, SMS marketing has become increasingly popular amongst online and retail stores. We have brands like Dominos, Walmart, and Pizzahut, complementing their traditional marketing with business texting.

Not only does a business SMS have a wider reach in building awareness, but it has also recorded a wider engagement level because of how simple texts usually are. In fact, 91% of customers would opt-in for texts from businesses.

So now that you’re interested in giving SMS marketing a shot, is Sendmunk the glass slipper that’ll fit? Let’s find out in this article.

What is SMS for Business?

SMS for business also known as SMS marketing is using text or SMS to send targeted messages about your business. 

This could be during sending promotions to leads about your online store, sending out notifications about a discount or campaign, or generally just offering customer support at certain stages of the user journey. 

Sometimes, it could be transactional too like sending receipts or an OTP.

It’s a great way to nurture your relationship with your leads and customers while simultaneously increasing sales.

When Can I Use a Business SMS?

Whether you’re a large chain or a simple online store, incorporating business SMS marketing into your overall marketing strategy is a fine way to increase brand awareness, attract new leads, nurture customers, increase retention and sales. There are several ways you can improve sales. Check these verified ways to improve sales for your online stores here.

Here are a few ways to incorporate business SMS into your online store;

1. Appointment Reminders: If you need to send your customers reminders about their appointment, now’s the time to start sending out a business SMS. 

Rather than placing out individual calls which can be time-consuming, automate these appointment reminders and increase the number of clients you have in a day. 

2. Seasonal Campaigns and Promotions: For seasonal campaigns like a new menu or a limited collection, you can notify your customers ahead of time to build anticipation and increase sales when it launches.

3. Online Surveys: Find out more about your customer service, products, and user experience by creating an SMS poll. Customers can reply to this message and you can deduce sentiments from it.

4. Contests: Create simple online contests with a reward and encourage your customers to participate in them. This is a great way to increase customer loyalty.

5. Billings and Payments: You should consider a more attention-grabbing billing reminder to get your customers to actually speed up their payment process. 

Is Sendmunk the Best SMS Platform for My Business?

Before choosing an SMS platform, there are several criteria and features you should look out for. Not necessarily because they’d make your SMS marketing any fancier, but so that they can streamline the process and make your marketing process a lot less tedious.

Some of the features Sendmunk’s SMS platform has includes;

1. Scheduling Feature

Sendmunk’s scheduling feature allows you to send text messages in advance. You can prepare your bulk SMS and schedule them ahead of time. This is regardless of whether they are a one-time messaging or an automated sequence.

If you do change your mind, you can make adjustments, edits, or delete the SMS just before it goes out. With this feature, you can save time and work on other projects while Sendmunk does the sending.

2. Advanced Reporting Dashboard

As you already know, the success of a campaign is dependent on what your data says about it. This is why Sendmunk has an advanced reporting dashboard that helps you track the most important metrics tied to your business SMS.


On your dashboard, you can view clicks, the number of texts sent, when exactly it was sent, the exact second it was created, and most important of all, you can actually track the revenue value of a specific campaign.

On your settings page, you can set up what you want your revenue value to count as. Think of it as a conversion event on Google Analytics.

3. SMS Bot for Automated Workflows

Automate workflows with Sendmunk’s SMS bot. With this feature, you can automate certain texts. 

This is particularly useful for transactional texts like bill payments, appointment reminders, etc. All you have to do is set trigger conditions with conditional logic and let everything else take its course. 

4. No Code Required

Whether you’re creating a simple SMS marketing campaign or creating a workflow with a bot, on Sendmunk, you don’t need any code or domain knowledge to get started. In a few clicks, you can set up your campaign, import your contacts and keep them running.

So you don’t need to depend on your engineering team to get things running.

5. Incredible Personalization

There’s no greater recipe for campaign engagement like personalization and business texts are not excluded. On Sendmunk, you can personalize the user experience by adding a name tag that’ll show the recipient’s name upon delivery.

You can also share multi-media messages and create A/B tests to gauge which variation improves your engagement and revenue.

6. Seamless Integration

As a business, you probably have your own eCommerce applications to help you run your online store seamlessly. So whatever SMS platform you have should be able to integrate seamlessly with your eCommerce app.

This is handy for contact migration and automated transactional messaging. Sendmunk offers very seamless integration with apps like Shopify.

How to Create an SMS Campaign with Sendmunk

To create an SMS/MMS Campaign on Sendmunk, here are a few steps you can follow:

  • Log in to your Sendmunk account
  • Click on Create campaigns on the menu bar
  • Click on ‘New Campaign’
  • Create a campaign name, message body and schedule a time to send the campaign

You can also send direct messages to specific members of your contacts on Sendmunk. Here’s how to do this;

  • Once you’ve logged in to your Sendmunk account, Click SMS/MMS – messages from the navigation panel on your left
  • Click on the contact you want to send a message to
  • Type in your message and click send

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to start sending out business SMS to segments of your audience, you should use a platform that helps you with instant scheduling, workflow automation, advanced reporting, and personalization. 

If you’re interested in having hassle-free SMS marketing, then Sendmunk is the tool to get started with. Sign up for a free account today.

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