Sendmunk vs Omnisend

Sendmunk vs Omnisend

Marketing, especially digitally, has many moving parts that can easily become overwhelming. That is why it is highly recommended that business owners get all the help they need, be it in a human form, or by using software. A part of marketing online that can become tiring is email marketing and thanks to the digital era, we have numerous softwares that can help business owners create, send and track their emails. Using a software for email marketing gives you time to create intentional emails and be able to increase your business performance by tracking the performance of your email campaign. 

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Why Sendmunk?

While most email marketing softwares like Omnisend cover the basics, you still need an advanced platform like Sendmunk, which is more than just an email marketing tool. It attends to all your marketing ideas and allows you to automate your email campaigns based on users behavior, A/B split test aspects of the email, segment your contact list based on interests, putting lead forms on your site and creating landing pages to get more subscribers into the database. 

If you’ve ever nursed the idea of selecting an email marketing software, we’ve done a comparison of the 2 below and hope you make the best choice. Note that this might be a biased review since we know that Sendmunk is a more modern competitor, with more useful marketing features and affordable pricing than Omnisend.

What is Omnisend?

Omnisend is a marketing automation platform that uses a multichannel approach to sales by providing services like email marketing, SMS, push notifications, WhatsApp, etc. 

One benefit with having a multi channel solution under one roof is interchannel communication and Omnisend helps users to set up campaigns to trigger notification on different channels to improve customer experience.

What is Sendmunk?

Sendmunk on the other hand is an online marketing automation platform that offers the complete package for your E-commerce business to help you reach prospective and existing customers across multiple channels. It offers services that includes email, push notification, SMS campaigns, an easy-to-use automation builder, and more. If you own a Shopify store, the integration is seamless and it works greatly to improve your sales. You can start testing the features for free to better understand how it works.

Sendmunk gives you a better shot at your next sale by making engagement with your users extremely easy in different ways that suits them – either through Email, SMS, Push Notifications, ChatBot, etc.

The features of Omnisend includes;

  • Detailed email analytics
  • Abandoned Cart Email Campaigns
  • SMS Campaign
  • Pop-Ups
  • Reporting
  • SMS Messages
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • SMS Regulation

While all these features work, you get to do more with Sendmunk with the unique features that attends to all your marketing needs. You can integrate Sendmunk into your Shopify, or Google websites. Sendmunk also has a subset, Storebundle that helps you capture leads on your Shopify website conveniently. 

Features that make Sendmunk a better option

1. Personalized Email Marketing

With Sendmunk, you can use custom fields within your emails to add the personal information of your customers and this helps to improve your email marketing results by giving your emails and newsletters a human feel. With the custom fields, you can include information such as name, company name, birthdays, and more.

You’re also provided with the tools that allow you to set up these personalized emails. You can create plain-text emails to HTML-based Emails and you have the assurance that the email will be delivered to the inbox of your customers and not the spam folders.

2. Websites. Landing Pages and Funnels

Sendmunk allows your products and services to be seen online in minutes with a website and sales funnel that converts. You can select from the numerous templates and tweak to your desired taste or create custom pages with pre-built content blocks with the drag & drop page builder.

3. Subscribers’ Forms

With this feature, you can grow your audience with either a pop-up, welcome mat, subscribers forms, etc. all of which are GDPR-compliant. These options make it easy to get your customers’ details without stress. 

4. Drag & Drop Newsletter Editor

You can create newsletters easily with mobile-optimized newsletter blocks and content elements that are pre-built. The pre-designed blocks in the editor include text, video, image, and more. All you have to do is drag and drop the blocks to your desired spot and customize them as you please – the text editor is very flexible and easy to navigate. 

5. Event-Triggered Emails

You can engage with your customers with event-triggered emails and notifications based on their activities in your store. You decide at what point you want the emails or notification to be triggered, either for cart-abandonment, order completion or a follow-up to a purchase. 

Other exciting features include Newsletter Templates, RSS to Campaign, No-Code Marketing Automation, Automated Campaign Sequence, No-Lists Contacts Management.

Messaging and Push Notifications with Sendmunk

You get to stay on top of your audience’s minds and reach them on the go through multiple channels right from Sendmunk’s platform. You have the options below to choose from;

  • SMS Marketing where you can send personalized and targeted SMS to your contacts
  • SMS ChatBot to help with customer services.
  • Integrate Facebook messenger to stay in touch with your Facebook audience.
  • Push Notifications to help you reach your audience directly with instant notifications irrespective of their device and without their email address.

Insights & UTM Tracking with Sendmunk

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting – This breaks down your campaign performance data to the thinnest metrics.
  • Actionable Campaign Insights – This feature allows you to easily spot what’s working and what needs to be fixed. You see quick metrics like clicks, open rates, and views.
  • UTM Tracking – This allows you to track email campaigns and contents performance by tagging links shared in emails with UTM parameters from third-party analytics platforms like Google Analytics. With this information, you can identify what content is sending traffic to your website or product page.
  • Polls & Surveys – With the in-mail surveys and polls features, you can gather useful insights about your contacts.

Getting Started with Sendmunk is easy and you have access to free tools. These free tools can be used to test the waters and as your business grows, you can upgrade to a higher plan.

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