Sendmunk vs GetResponse: Which Email Marketing Tool Serves You Better

Sendmunk vs GetResponse: Which Email Marketing Tool Serves You Better

Every business needs an audience to grow and advance. That being said, you need the right tools to grow your audience, and ultimately make sales. It’s why we’re comparing two tools – Sendmunk and GetResponse.

In this age of the Internet, no business has the time and energy to manually reach out to every lead. Building your list and driving sales through email marketing is part of the growth kit for every business.  

With a lot of people clicking onto your website daily, you would need help in making those brand/consumer connections. 

Tools like Sendmunk and GetResponse give eCommerce entrepreneurs a place where they can nurture leads and manage campaigns.

It is of utmost importance that you make sure you’re picking the right email marketing service for your needs.

You might be unsure of what marketing tool suits your business better. While Sendmunk and GetResponse are both great options, there are some significant differences between them which may make one more suited for your business. 

In this article, I’ll examine both these leading email marketing solutions. We would look at both products’ features, pricing, and pros and cons. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll have a better idea of which product is for you.

Let’s dive right in. 

Sendmunk vs GetResponse

What is Sendmunk? 

Sendmunk and Getresponse

Sendmunk, a multi-channel outreach platform that makes email marketing seamless. With Sendmunk, your messages and emails are automatically delivered to the right contacts, as your contact list is properly organized using tags and segments. Sendmunk allows for the creation of plain-text Emails and HTML-based Emails. Also, your opt-in rates are increased, and lead capturing is simplified and effective.  

As a creator and eCommerce business owner, using Sendmunk to expand your business/audience reach is a great way to go. 


What’s so great about Sendmunk is how affordable it is. There are 3 different payment plans available in Sendmunk 

Forever Free Plan

You can decide to start slow and steady and build easy campaigns without paying a dime, and upgrade whenever you feel ready. Talk about risk free ! This is great for people who might still be on the fence about fulling committing, but want to test the waters. It gets better; with this payment option, no credit card is required. You also get a 1000 emails/CRM monthly and Sendmunk ‘cleans’ up your contact list. 

Other features of the Free Plan Includes: 

  • Landing Page
  • Personalization
  • Sendmunk Branding
  • Basic Forms
  • 500 Subscribers

Essential Plan $60 USD / Month

This plan is a step up from the free plan. This plan offers everything in the free plan plus free migration that only involves filling out Sendmunk’s migration form. You can also begin SMS marketing, you can automate your emails and integrate with Affiliate Management platforms, e-commerce stores, and the likes. 

The Essential plan also offers: 

  • No Sendmunk Branding
  • A/B Test
  • Automation
  • Unlimited Sending
  • 3 Team Members
  • All Forms
  • RSS to Email Campaign
  • Advanced Statistic
  • Segmentation

Pro Plan $120 USD / Month

With the Pro Plan, you have access to everything in Essential, plus a ton of other incentives. Sendmunk’s Pro Plan allows you unlock Omni channel marketing which helps create a personalized experience for your customers. It also includes, push notifications,  free SMS, more channels and Subaccounts. 

The Pro Plan also offers: 

  • 5 Team Members
  • Facebook Custom Audience
  • Sendtime Opt.
  • Google Customer Match
  • Facebook Messenger

Features of Sendmunk

There are quite a handful of amazing features offered by Sendmunk. Drag n’ Drop Newsletter Editor; that allows you to create your preferred newsletter by pasting your HTML code in the editor, plus  pre-built mobile-optimized content elements and newsletter blocks. No-Code Marketing Automation, allows you use clicks to combine all your messaging channels into a single campaign workflow.

Sendmunk also offers a variety of email Newsletter campaigns to choose from. Once you select your preferred template, you can customize it with Sendmunk’s easy-to-use editor. 

Another amazing feature of Sendmunk, which I absolutely love, is it’s Event-triggered emails. This feature lets you engage customers with event-triggered emails and notifications. Also, you can create automated Cart-Abandonment Recovery Emails/SMS, Purchase Follow-Up Emails, Push Notifications and Order Completion Emails.

Other features of Sendmunk:

  • Personalized Email Marketing
  • Subscribers’ Forms 
  • Landing Pages and Funnels 
  • No-Lists Contacts Management
  • Email Validation and List Hygiene
  • RSS to Campaign
  • Automated Campaign Sequence
  • SMS Bot

Pros of Sendmunk

Sendmunk and Getresponse

Sendmunk has a number of things that makes it one of the best email marketing tools out there.

  • Responsive Support + top-notch customer care, with operators working 24/7 to help you with anything you need.
  • Migration with Sendmunk is hitch-free and  free of charge for Essential and Pro Plans. It’s safe to say Sendmunk is big on being pocket friendly.
  • Resources are available to equip you with the right information and tools to grow your online business. 
  • User friendly 
  • Easy opt-out. So, If for some weird reason, you feel  Sendmunk isn’t the right fit for you, you can reach out to the desk support and get refunded within the first 30 days of the date you signed up for your account. 
  • Amazing Community

One of the many perks of Sendmunk is you get to become a part of a fast-growing Facebook community of creators and Ecommerce Business owners where you are afforded the opportunity to learn and grow in an enabling environment. 

Who can use Sendmunk?

  • Musicians
  • Affiliates
  • Youtubers
  • Online Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Digital and Physical Product Makers
  • Bloggers
  • Course creators

Basically any and every one looking to expand their online presence and make the best of email marketing. 

Sendmunk Integrations

All your favorite web services can be integrated in just 2 clicks. 

Web services such as:

  • Customer Retention and Loyalty Platforms
  • Email Verification Services
  • Zapier Integration
  • Google and Facebook Ads Platforms
  • CRMs
  • Webinar Services
  • Membership and Course Builders
  • Affiliates Management Platforms
  • Ecommerce Stores

What is GetResponse?

Sendmunk and Getresponse

GetResponse is a powerful, simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your emails using autoresponders, create a mailing list and capture data onto it and analyze statistics related to your email campaigns. 


There 3 fundamental Plans

Basic Plan $15/mo

With the basic plan,  you can sell e-products, have access to unlimited emails, building and engaging contact list, landing pages, automation templates, surveys, forms, Facebook ads, and exit pop-ups, Sales funnels (1 funnel).

Plus Plan $49/mo

With the plus plan, you have access to everything in the Basic Plan, plus custom automation builder with 5 workflows that helps you deliver personalized experiences, webinars with a maximum of 100 attendees , list-building funnels, collaborative tools, sales funnels, 5 webinar funnels  e-product sales, a simple CRM, contact scoring and tagging. 

Professional Plan $99/mo

With the Professional Plan, you get everything in Plus, as well as an unlimited  automation builder, contact tagging and scoring, webinars with 300 attendees, paid webinars, webinar funnels, and collaboration for up to 5 people, web push notifications, unlimited sales funnels.

Max – Negotiable

The Max plan contains very thing in the Professional Plan, and other features such as Transactional emails (paid add-on), Single sign-on (SSO), dedicated support, Email campaign consulting, webinars (max 500 attendees). 

Discounts are available if you pay upfront for 12 or 24 months of service (18% and 30% respectively), and a 30-day trial period is available. 


GetResponse offers marketing automation tools that allows you to create automation workflows using a drag and drop builder. It’s responsive email designs serves in improving user experience as it’s templates are automatically adjusted to suit the devise that a newsletter is viewed on. 

Other GetResponse features : 

  • Email Analytics and optimization
  • Ecommerce tools
  • Landing pages 
  • Email creator
  • API and integrations 
  • Lead tagging
  • A/B testing 
  • Transactional emails
  • List management
  • Web fonts 

Pros of GetResponse 

  • Easy to create campaigns
  • Good templates
  • User friendly 
  • Stats are helpful.
  • Strong customer support


  • Prices are considerably high
  • Drag and drop email creator had some limitations.
  • Need responsive forms


Both email marketing tools (Sendmunk and GetResponse) are great for taking your online business to the next level. If you can’t decide between the two,  I would recommend Sendmunk. For me, Sendmunk represents one of the more cost-effective ways to host and communicate with an email database. Its competitive price makes it pocket friendly and has simplified tools.  

I hope that this article has been helpful for your decision on choosing an email marketing tool between Sendmunk and GetResponse.

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