Sendmunk: The better Alternative to ActiveCampaign

Sendmunk: The better Alternative to ActiveCampaign

Email marketing software systems play a pivotal role in increasing a company’s brand awareness. Tons of people want marketing automation software to help with budgeting, social listening, and online behavior tracking.  Platforms like ActiveCampaign and Sendmunk, allows companies to take advantage of existing and potential clients by automating the creation and sending of promotional materials, newsletters, ads, etc.  Sometimes, choosing the right email marketing tool could be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as an online business owner.

Have you been nursing the idea of changing ActiveCampaign as your preferred automation vendor? Maybe you’re not satisfied with the service or the deal, or you just want to “play the field” with some different marketing automation solutions, particularly for cross-channel marketing (multi-channel marketing). If so, you are now probably overwhelmed with choosing from over 450 email marketing software available on the internet. 

A great move to make would be to port to Sendmunk; a more modern competitor, with more useful marketing features and affordable pricing.

In this article, I will take you through all things Sendmunk, to help you make an informed decision. 

Read on to find out more.

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing platform complete with customizable automation functionalities. ActiveCampaign, as a marketing automation vendor has made a name in the marketing automation world with its well structured automations, email deliverability and good customer support. 

However, It’s problems with deliverability, high premium prices, penalizing companies that send frequent emails by forcing them to upgrade to a higher subscribers tier, learning curve for beginners, non-responsive and difficult to get hold of an account manager, cumbersome functionality on the  interface for creating and designing emails, and the lack of functionality of transactional email, could make an existing or potential customer opt for an alternative. 

Sendmunk VS Getresponse: Which email marketing tool serves you best?

What is Sendmunk? 

Sendmunk is an amazing email marketing software that marries user-friendliness with powerful automation. With impressive deliverability, increased opt-in rates, no learning curve and efficient lead capturing; Sendmunk has proven itself to be one of the best out there.   

While ActiveCampaign is without doubt the more popular of the two, Sendmunk offers better marketing automation, list management, and a great deliverability rate.

Sendmunk also places greater emphasis on customer engagement, helping you secure sales, and is more affordable for smaller lists. 

Sendmunk’s typical customers include musicians, Youtubers, digital and physical product makers, online coaches. It’s basically for any and every one looking to expand their online presence and make the best of email marketing. Sendmunk caters to all your needs with affordable plans for businesses of all sizes.  

Sendmunk VS Getresponse: Which email marketing tool serves you best?

Why use Sendmunk instead of ActiveCampaign?

Sendmunk is a great, more usable, easier to set up, easier to admin, alternative to ActiveCampaign with more useful marketing features and affordable price.

  • Unlike ActiveCampaign’s  restrictions on their plan; like the basic plan only including email marketing, marketing automation, and chat/ email support, Sendmunk is flexible, with helpful and easy to navigate features. 
  • Sendmunk is more affordable. Even it’s free plan offers a wide array of features like, 1000 Emails/CRM per month, basic forms, and landing Page etc.
  • Unlike ActiveCampaign’s migration service, which requires you to rebuild your automations from scratch, Sendmunk’s migration service is efficient and free of charge. 
  • With Sendmunk, you can generate and nurture leads, onboard new customers, personalize messages, automate your marketing stuff, and so much more. 
  • With Sendmunk, you can create more targeted and personalized emails.
  • Builds smart segmentation rules to deliver more effective marketing campaigns can be done swiftly with no hassle. 
Sendmunk VS Getresponse: Which email marketing tool serves you best?
  • Sendmunk also offers a variety of email newsletter campaigns to choose from. Once you select your preferred template, you can customize it with Sendmunk’s easy-to-use editor. 
  • Sendmunk efficiently engages clients and boosts conversion through an easy to use marketing automation.
  • Sendmunk offers a forever free plan, making it a good option for small teams with limited budgets or for people still unsure of taking the plunge. 
  • Sendmunk specializes in creating a tailored journey for clients, complete with a powerful social media marketing tool. With Sendmunk, improvement of customer engagement is guaranteed. 
  • Sendmunk helps you convert  your casual web visitors into happy customers using the beautiful and converting landing pages.
  • Your mailing groups are managed easily. 
  • Sendmunk’s No-Code Marketing Automation allows you to use clicks to combine all your messaging channels into a single campaign workflow.
  • It’s Drag and Drop Newsletter Editor allows you to create your preferred newsletter by pasting your HTML code in the editor. This feature helps you optimize your marketing content. 
  • Sendmunk has pre-built mobile-optimized content elements and newsletter blocks. 
  • Sendmunk is built with love for growing companies. All its pricing plans are tailor-made for small and growing businesses.
  • User friendly 
  • Great interface + no learning curve 
  • Easy opt-out.
  • Sendmunk also offers the Cart-Abandonment Recovery Emails/SMS feature.
  • Purchase Follow-Up Emails, Push Notifications and Order Completion Emails to help you ensure sales.
  • With Sendmunk, you’ll be exposed to a community tailored to helping members grow and thrive.
  • All the web services you love  can be integrated in just 2 clicks. 
Sendmunk VS Getresponse: Which email marketing tool serves you best?


Sendmunk’s competitive prices makes it a great alternative for ActiveCampaign.

 It’s Free Plan allows potential customers to take a survey. It’s features and functionality are completely risk-free with no credit card required . The free plan gives you access to features such as landing pages, 1000 emails/CRM monthly, basic forms, 500 subscribers, list hygiene  and personalization.   

An upgrade from the Free Plan is the Essential Plan, which costs $60 a month. With this plan, you get every feature in the  free plan plus A/B testing,  free migration, unlimited sending, automated emails, advanced statistics, integration with Affiliate Management platforms, e-commerce stores, and the likes, segmentation and a lot more. 

Then there’s the Pro Plan which costs $120 / Month.

The Pro Plan gives you access to all the features in the Essential Plan, with the inclusion of  Sendtime opt, Omni channel marketing, Google customer match, push notifications,  Facebook  Messenger, free SMS, more channels and Subaccounts, 5 team members and a lot more.


You need only one marketing software for all your business needs. You don’t have to pay for a 3rd party landing page & opt-in form builder and business analytics, when you can have everything in Sendmunk. 

Moreover, it’s much easier to manage all of your marketing campaigns and data from a single place.

So, If you are looking for the most reliable, comprehensive and affordable alternative to ActiveCampaign, then you should definitely try Sendmunk.

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