How to Use SENDMUNK For Marketing Automation

How to Use SENDMUNK For Marketing Automation

59% of Fortune 500 companies already use marketing automation. It says a lot about the value it brings to companies and its adoption rate is growing more rapidly.

Data is the holy grail of business. With recent advancements in technology, availability of customer data can be used as leverage to achieve effective personalized marketing communication.

Increasing customer lifetime value (CLV) is made easier with marketing automation. The CLV is the value of a customer to your business over the period of the customer-business relationship. You don’t just want to have customer data, you want to be able to be of value to your customer and they in turn remain valuable to your business. The CLV metric is important as the higher it is the higher your growth. Increased value of existing customers is a highway to business growth.

There are various ways to get leads. It is imperative however, that the leads are qualified, only then is their data relevant and your CLV metric can be improved. Lead scoring is easy through automated marketing as different channels converse and you can get high quality leads that convert. Leads are generated from different touch points within your brand. It could be from websites, blogs, social media etc..

Every brand touch point should portray your brand clearly and in a consistent manner across all other touch points. With the right  marketing automation software, your business can better bring together marketing, sales, and customer service to create one seamless customer experience across the brand. A well automated workflow involves different touchpoints in the customer lifecycle, such as when they visit your website or contact your customer service.

Every touchpoint should be able to distinguish you from competitors, engage your customer and encourage an action. With this effective inbound marketing, you’re able to generate qualified leads and relevant customer data. 

With marketing automation, every interaction at every touch point can be tailored based on customer data to create smooth journeys. You can streamline these customer data to trigger a series of personalized interactions. This is simplified using automation software.

With Sendmunk, you can make integrations with different platforms, from e-commerce store to CRM’s, to Google and Facebook ad platforms. All the possible touch points where relevant lead data can be generated is integrated into one software. When all marketing channels are linked, they can converse with one another. These details are kept in the customer profile and can be tidied.

Now you can organize your contact lists smartly to get more value.

How do you know you’re ready for marketing automation?

  • If you already release a ton of content that attracts leads.
  • If you have more leads than you can nurture manually Or you know your leads are under-utilized.
  • If you have leads but are not converting to customers.
  • Perhaps, your customer retention rate is low.
  • If a chunk of your day is spent performing repetitive tasks related to marketing.

If you can relate to any of those, then you should be ready to create an automated workflow.

Getting started with marketing automation on Sendmunk, requires simple steps. 

You need to set up the interactions you want to have with your leads.

 Step 1: Connect your store to the software. This allows Sendmunk track activities of your visitors in your store. 

Step 2: Create forms and landing pages with lead magnets attractive enough for a sign up. We have easy to use templates for developing highly-converting funnels and smart subscribe forms.

Step 3: Since you now have some level of lead contacts, you can now segment them into different tags. You can personalize a series of interactions for different tags. Then automate your new lists to go into their corresponding tags or segments.

Step 4: Create your email campaign. There are easy to use templates you can choose from

Step 5: Create SMS/MMS Campaign.

Now all the databases for automation are in place, you can now create an automated workflow. 

A typical automated workflow involves 

  • the different touchpoints in the customer lifecycle, such as when your website is visited or customer service contacted. 
  • Conditions or triggers for the series of interactions within the workflow, which may be based on customer characteristic or behavior/pain-points. They are the predefined rules that determine the next series of action you want sent to your leads.
  • Actions automatically triggered by such conditions, like sending a subscriber an email or adding them to a list.

With Sendmunk, dedicated deliverability engineers are on standby to ensure 99% uptime and email deliverability. Contact list hygiene feature ensures that your mails/SMS are delivered and don’t result in spam. This allows the entire workflow to be seamless and avoids common human error.

There are options to create your automation from scratch or stick to our popular pre-set automations. Options from our preset automations differ by types, goals and channels you prefer. Standard pre-set template for welcome message, cart abandonment, customer winback etc, have been made already.

You can watch a concise step-by-step video on how it works here.

The channels available are email and SMS/MMS Chat box. The SMS/MMS Chatbox feature on Sendmunk can be used for marketing or as a part of customer service. You create SMS ChatBot logic with clicks to automatically qualify leads, answer questions, and provide customer services. RSS Campaigns can also be automated. Your lists can get emails sent to them after a new update is published on the blog. This is all easily done with just clicks and without the need to code.

The effectiveness of automated marketing is dependent on the right strategy and the right software. Be open to fine-tuning your campaign based on previous results from analytics or campaign insights.

Want to see how simple marketing automation is? Great! Our Product specialist will be delighted to walk you through on how we can serve your needs. Schedule a demo now!

You don’t have to make a big investment to start. Get started with free tools and upgrade as you go.

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