How to Use Push Notifications to Improve Your B2B Marketing

How to Use Push Notifications to Improve Your B2B Marketing

As a B2B marketer, you’re responsible for running a long sales cycle, and nurturing your audience with relevant and useful messages regularly. You’ll be required to improve your marketing strategy constantly in a way that’ll grow and sustain your business. 

A common communication channel B2B marketers use a lot is email and social media, but with the introduction of push messages, B2B marketers are expanding their marketing strategy to accommodate it and we don’t want you to be left out. So, in this article, we’ll be walking you through interesting ways to use push notifications to improve your B2B marketing.

Why you need to use push notifications in your B2B marketing strategy

Push notifications, are also known as push messages, and they are usually short messages that you can can send to your customers through their various devices (smartphones and tablets), to communicate new updates, products, discounts, or other marketing activities. 

You can include Push notifications in your marketing strategy to keep delighting your customers and create more conversions. Despite the similarities between push notifications and email, a Digital Commerce 360 survey found that 72% of businesses find mobile and web-based push notifications to have an equal or greater ROI than email.

With a tool like Sendmunk, you can use push notifications to communicate with your audience at every stage of your sales cycle even when you don’t have their email contacts. And to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, Sendmunk allows you to stay relevant and useful for your target audience consistently through push notifications as you get to send more personal and direct messages with your target audiences. 

Understanding the types of push alerts

You can use Push notifications in different ways and the most frequent types include; 

  1. Web push notifications – A web push notification works with the standard web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, so it allows you to communicate with your audience without using any special app. When you use the web push notification, your target audience will be able to receive them as long as they have their browsers open — regardless of whether or not they’re active on your website. You can also use Sendmunk for your web push notifications as it allows people who visit your website to subscribe with one-click, and you can reach them via their web browsers to deliver instant notifications to their devices about products’ discount offers, flash sales, new content releases and more.
  1. App push – As long as your customers have your app installed, they’ll be able to get your app push – regardless of whether or not they’re actively using the app.

How to Use Push Alerts to Improve Your B2B Marketing

  1. Target with Both Precision and Volume in Mind

As a Most B2B marketer, most of your buying decisions will most likely be influenced by multiple stakeholders. You can use push notifications to target not just the decision maker, but all stakeholders who can potentially influence the buying decision. When you use Sendmunk for your push notifications, you can get as detailed as you want, and when you need to expand your target audience, you can do so with the sophisticated automation available.

  1. Lead Nurturing 

Lead generation is a crucial part of every business and you need to have a healthy flow of quality leads to run your business. Everyone who visits your website is a potential lead so once you establish your users journey, you can create a sequence of automated web push notifications to keep in touch with them after they leave your site without converting. Sendmunk, allows you to send your customers personalised messages based on their individual behaviour, and their specific needs. It helps you to recover lost leads as well. 

  1. Delight & Engage your customers

Even after your customers have fully converted, you can use push notifications to keep them engaged. The part of your sales cycle that deals with “loyalty” and “advocacy” is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked. So ensure that you invest time and effort in keeping your converted customers engaged in your B2B marketing strategy. 

You should understand that the best customers are those who keep coming back and one way to keep them glued to your service or product is to offer them an engaging post-purchase experience. This way, your solution is always in your customers face and they keep it as a valid option. You can send notifications about new features, updates about your solution, etc.

  1. To communicate promotions

You can use push notifications to communicate promotional and exclusive offers, giveaways, or sales in a way that encourages them to make purchases. You can include a sense of urgency so that your customers are urged to take immediate actions.

  1. Re-engage Dormant Users

It’s common knowledge that not everyone who comes into your sales cycle will make it through to the end. A lot of people are just browsing and looking for information. With web push notification, you’ll be able to target people who come at different stages of your sales cycle. 

  1. Rating/survey push notifications 

Push notifications is another great way you can get feedback and improve the experience of your customers. According to a survey by Apptentive, nearly 60 percent of respondents usually or always check ratings before downloading an app. With push notifications, you can gather reviews to improve future versions of the app and increase the number of installs. You can also ask your customers to rate the app itself or to rate an activity in the app. You can then send another notification to ask that they share their feedback with their friends. 

Asides the ones listed above, you can also use push notification to improve your B2B marketing in other amazing ways. What matters the most is getting a tool that allows you to explore with push notifications, that way you’ll be able to integrate push notifications into your marketing strategy to improve your business. With just a one click subscription provided by Sendmunk,  you can reach your audience directly with instant notifications on their devices even without their email contacts.

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