7 Email Validation Services to Verify Your Email List

7 Email Validation Services to Verify Your Email List

Email validation services are very important to marketers or anyone that has an email list. They help make our jobs easier by making sure that the emails we send reach actual real humans.

These validation services or tools can be divided into two. One is the bulk upload service which allows users upload their email list and the tool automatically cleans it.

The other is the API service that makes it easy for developers to incorporate the tool into their own system so it can clean emails as they come in.

If you (plan to) receive customer information on a daily basis, then it makes sense to use the API service. However, if you already have an email list, then the bulk upload service is more appropriate for you. It’s best to analyze your current processes and choose which of these services suits it more.

Why Should You Verify or Validate Your Email Lists?

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A chunk of email addresses in most email lists are either invalid or not correctly written. These sorts of emails tend to hard bounce if email campaigns are sent to them. Hence, that affects the general deliverability of the sender domain. You obviously do not want this to happen.

Cleaning your email list help weed out invalid and incorrect email addresses. It helps to make sure that your email campaigns or blasts are being sent to actual humans. And are not just bouncing as a result of incorrect information.

So, to be on the much safer side, you should verify and validate your email lists with some email validation tools to be listed out below.

Email Validation Tools to Clean Your Email List

These are a couple of email validation tools to try out for your next list cleaning routine.

1. Sendmunk

Sendmunk is both an email marketing and a top email validation and verification tool. It helps you send email campaigns and manage your email list to grow you business. You can also validate your contacts’ email addresses and purge contact list of inactive emails to improve your overall email deliverability and results.

The Email validation services that Sendmunk offers are available on every plan. Including the free plan. So, you can achieve list hygiene with the free plan on Sendmunk. You should register here.

2. NeverBounce

NeverBounce offers real-time email verification and email cleaning services. Turnaround time for cleaning a 100,000 email list on NeverBounce could take up to 45 minutes.

To use this platform, you should upload your list on the website, after which you’d get a quote. They have different plans to cater to enterprises, non-profits, and startups. Check out NeverBounce here.


While Hunter lets users confirm if a specific email address is valid or not, they also allow this in bulk.

The platform claims to do validations at multiple levels: format, domain information, the response of the mail servers, and comparison with our unique base of 100+ million professional email addresses. Visit website here.

4. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce provides an email validation API service for developers. The API provides you with a report view of your email list, covering overĀ 30 status and sub-status codes.

While there’s a freemium plan on ZeroBounce, the paid plans start from $16. And they include an inbox placement test, email server test, blacklist monitor, and more. Visit ZeroBounce here.

5. myEmailVerifier

This tool helps you reduces email bounces and reach more people with their email validation service. Some of the features available include syntax verification, domain record checker, catch-all email checker, role account detection, and more.

To get started on myEmailVerifier, you have to buy email credits. This is from as low as 500 credits to as high as 5 million credits. And can cost between $2 to $4,500. Check out myEmailVerifier here.

6. Bouncer

Bouncer does not want you to send emails to an unverified list. They provide an email list verification tool to help marketers get rid of email bounces. And increase sender reputation.

There are pay-as-you-go and unlimited plans at Bouncer. The platform also provides both in-app list cleaning services and API for developers to clean email lists with their own tools. Check them our here.

7. Xverify

This service is targeted toward cleaning email lists specifically for digital marketing needs. You can prevent unwanted email addresses from getting into your list by using Xverify.

Users can validate over 2.5million email addresses with Xverify. You should visit their website here.

What Results to Track After List Cleaning?

After using email validation services to clean your email lists, there are a couple of visible improvements tat can occur. It is important that you track some of these so that you can easily measure progress and directly tie the impact of the list cleaning.

  • Email deliverability

Email deliverability, the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes, should be tracked after cleaning your list. This is because cleaning your list by removing invalid emails helps to improve your email deliverability.

  • Open rates

Open rates are bound to increase once invalid or incorrect email addresses are weeded out. This is because the actual people who will receive the email campaign have been narrowed down.

  • Spam delivery

Sending emails to invalid addresses could flag your sender address as poor. And send your emails to spam. Hence, once you’re done with that, you should track how often your campaigns get delivered in spam.

Those are seven email validation services listed. You should let us know what your experience with these are.

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