Email Marketing: 10 Strategies for Finding Your First Profitable Customer

Email Marketing: 10 Strategies for Finding Your First Profitable Customer

Email serves as one of the oldest forms of digital communication and despite the popularity of social media, email marketing is still one of the leading forms of communication in terms of usage.

There are many more email accounts than social media accounts, and email is shown to be more effective at generating new customers than social media, with the highest conversion rates or click-throughs than other marketing channels1.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to spend precious resources, and building an effective and successful email marketing strategy is the most important aspect that cannot be skipped, and doing email marketing the right way can be quite challenging but very rewarding.

Creating and using personalized emails can have quite a huge impact on your sales and profits, and with Sendmunk, you are provided an amazing email marketing program with tools that allow you to create personalized mailing campaigns in less time.

Sendmunk’s email marketing features provide you with the best results with as minimal effort as possible and it ensures that your emails do not end up in the spam folders of your target audience.

Using this product with the right marketing strategy will help you to pull a large number of customers and target market to your site or whatever product you want to market even better

We will highlight in this article, 10 different strategies which will help you to pull and keep customers, and these strategies are well tested and highly effective at achieving your set marketing or sales goals.

  1. Creating or Specifying Your Marketing Goals and Aims

It is always wise to take some time to reflect on and outline your goals and what you plan or wish to achieve with your digital marketing or mailing campaign. These outlined goals will guide you on the steps to take, your target market, the content of your mails, and how you can measure your growth and/or identify and sort out potential issues or problems that may arise along the way.

  1. Creating a Mailing List

For you to be successful in your marketing campaigns, you need a mailing list, which is a collection or database of the email addresses of individuals who have indicated an interest in or subscribed to receiving specific marketing emails from you or your business. 

There are several ways to get people onto your mailing list. One way is to import a list of known contacts or customers who have previously purchased from you. Another way is to provide subscription incentives such as a coupon or a discount, in return for them inputting their email addresses and joining your mailing list. One other method of getting mailing list subscribers is through pop-ups on your site that encourage people to input their email addresses and subscribe to your content or mailing list.

Sendmunk has easy-to-use tools that make this particular step a walk in the park for you, with an enhanced user experience and simplified interface which makes creating a mailing list hassle-free for you.

  1. Selecting the Type of Email Marketing Campaign You Want to Run

There are several email campaign strategies that digital marketers employ to attract customers, and as an intending marketer the type of campaign you select must align with the goals you set in the beginning. 

You can either run a newsletter campaign about selected topics at different times, or you can run a marketing offer that can showcase offers and discounts or notify subscribers when you are running sales. You could also run an announcement campaign that sends emails to your subscribers to notify them of new products and services that may be offered.

Sendmunk has an automated campaign sequence feature that delivers emails to your subscribers based on your customization and specifications.

  1. Selecting an Email Service Provider

An email service provider is a program/software that helps you to manage your mailing list and carries out predetermined automated marketing campaigns for you.

Sendmunk is an example of an email service provider that allows you to do all these and more.

  1. Creating your first digital marketing campaign

Using an email tool or service provider, you can now create your very first email marketing campaign. While doing this, it is important to note and ensure that your contents are easy to read while still passing across the intended message perfectly.

  1. Using Images and Visuals to Boost Customer Engagement and Attention

 You should also use images to drive engagement and hold the attention of your target audience. Visual content is always more eye-catching and more memorable than bulky text content. Here’s a vibrant colorful mail example below:

  1. Be Sure to Personalize Your Emails

This is one of the most important factors to consider when creating marketing emails. People are more likely to react and respond if the content they’re receiving is of personal interest to them. Making consumers feel like your content is specifically tailored for them helps to boost your marketing and sales.

Here’s an example of a personalized email from music streaming platform Spotify:

  1. Creating Relevant Content for Each Subscriber

Create and categorize each subscriber into different mailing lists, based on their content preferences. It is more effective to send relevant content than emails unrelated to subscribers’ interests. You can classify mailing lists based on geographical location, demographics of age or gender, or interest subjects. learn how you can use

You could also create your categorized lists beforehand by asking subscribers about their preferred areas of interest while signing up for your emails.

  1. Making Your Campaigns Optimized to Encourage Click-Throughs

To promote and encourage subscribers to click links from your emails, you must make it easy for them to do so. Your mails should be optimized for both mobile and web viewings across all devices. If you focus on just one form of communication or device and a subscriber is using a different device, it can be quite difficult to navigate through complicated templates.

  1.  Resend Campaigns, But Avoid Spamming

Regardless of how beautifully and carefully designed and planned your email campaigns are, there will always be subscribers who do not open your emails for one reason or the other. It is a good strategy to resend emails, focusing on those who did not open the mail the first time. This helps to reinforce your campaign and draw attention to your mail from someone who ignored it the first time.

Overall, if you employ and engage these strategies as an email digital marketer, you can generate a lot of profit for yourself and/or your organization. 

Email marketing represents a huge income source if done the right way and you can make your tasks easier and less strenuous by using an automated email service provider like Sendmunk, to create mailing lists, newsletters, and many more.

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