5 Email Marketing Campaign Examples We Love

5 Email Marketing Campaign Examples We Love

Every marketer wants their email marketing campaigns to bang. I mean, I want that too. Hence, we treat every campaign like it’s the last we will ever send out. However, to get that desired bang, it’s a great practice to look in the direction of others that have done well before now. That is, look to email marketing campaign examples that left you nodding your head at the work that went into it.

Everybody needs something to inspire creativity. At this end, look at great email marketing campaigns can inspire you to write and run even better ones. So, this post is here to help.

In this post, we list out up to 5 email marketing campaign examples that you will absolutely love. These campaigns come from your favorite brands, not too popular ones, or brands you may have never heard of before now. Regardless, they’ll bang!

Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples You Should See

1. Duolingo

Email marketing campaign examples

This email campaign hits an emotional part of the user. It brings you to empathize with the senders. And it is a great email campaign example. Buying/paying for certain products is an emotional decision that people make. So, whatever you do, put that in mind. You must be able to make them open their purse at that moment. This campaign goes about that in a great, creative way.

2. Namecheap

Email marketing campaign examples

Discounts are great ways to convert users from email campaigns. But to do this, you have to calculate the best amount to discount. One that will be attractive to the customer and also be profitable for you. Namecheap used this well and coined a great subject for it. Please note that the language used to communicate a discount email campaign can make or mar it.

3. Neil Patel

Email marketing campaign examples

While email subject lines are not everything, they have a lot of impact on if the receiver will open the email or not. So, please, get the email subject right! For this email campaign by Neil Patel, the subject “let’s make a deal” strikes curiosity in the heart of the customer and makes them want to open it. You should learn and implement such.

4. Seth Godin

Email marketing campaign examples

Just like the above, please use headlines that doesn’t give the user a full idea of what the email is about. The subject should be good enough to make them show interest while not giving off full details.

5. Hubspot

Still on subject lines, this one by Hubspot makes a bold statement. Everyone knows Hubspot for their great search engine presence, hence, it makes sense that they are presenting such content via emails. The subject here makes it look certain that there’s value in the body of the email.

Those are a number of email marketing campaign examples we love. You should learn from them and implement while sending out your next email campaign.

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