How to Use Email Automation to Save Time and Improve Your Sales

How to Use Email Automation to Save Time and Improve Your Sales

We have a winner! It has been a debate on whether social media or email marketing is better for growing an audience. Whilst they are both important and most progressive when used in harmony, email marketing has proven to be exceptional.

In recent events of Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook shut down, more creators and e-commerce businesses have had to consider and prioritize stable options like email marketing and not just rely on social media alone. The extent to which email marketing can be tailored to suit each customer segmentation can not be compared with other digital marketing strategies.

Generating leads can come through different channels such as social media or Google ads. Email marketing is an efficient way of converting those leads to customers. A research in the UK has confirmed this, with one study showing that an average ROI of $38 is generated for every $1 spent on email marketing as at 2015.

It is not enough to use email marketing. Marketing gurus know to use efficient email automation systems as a means to get better outcomes.

What is Email marketing automation?

Email marketing involves sending targeted emails to segments of your subscribers. It could be in the form of timely newsletters, information about services or products, available discounts/promo or just general information about the company. 

There are many things to consider in creating an email marketing sales funnel. Delivering personalized email to different segments of your customers at strategic times, especially when they are less distracted is one of them.

WIth email automation, once a customer signs up for a free lead magnet, the lead is nurtured through a series of emails sent without your constant involvement. Even after the lead becomes a customer, you can build long lasting relationships and loyalty with these customers.

According to the ‘Rule of Seven‘ formulated by marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant. He suggests that to penetrate the buyer’s consciousness and make significant penetration in a given market, you have to contact the prospect a minimum of seven times within an 18-month period.

People make purchase decisions when they find a product that serves as solution to their pain. And for every product there could be different pain points that cause people to purchase. With email automation, email lists can be segmented according to these pain points and emails sent to them based on how your product offers a solution.

Email marketing automation allows for continuous relationship building with your subscribers over time. When planning a campaign, you decide who it targets and your campaign’s purpose. A series of  pre-written emails are scheduled to be sent at particular times using email automation. This way, there are more subscriber engagements with the company over time. 

Thankfully, email marketing automation is easy to set up even if you’re new to email marketing. With the basics of email marketing well understood, an efficient software for marketing automation like Sendmunk is all you need. In the event setting this up becomes an issue, you can reach out to our responsive 24/7 customer support.

Increasing Sales and Saving Time using Email Automation

Time investment in a marketing campaign is often overlooked. The time to prepare and send newsletters for each step of the campaign or when a subscriber takes an action adds up to a lot of hours. However, this is not the case with an efficient email marketing system. Productivity can be increased and quality email campaigns delivered through email automation. 

Subscribers are more likely to open your emails and read them if they are personalized and custom-made for them. But manually personalizing mails is nearly impossible when you have a large mailing list. Thus, email automation allows you gain more traction via personalization. And the subscriber engagement increase results in higher chances of a purchase.

With automation tools, subscribers are sorted into relevant lists for a particular campaign. With new sign ups, the subscribers are automatically allocated to segments with personalized content scheduled for them. Personalized mails sent to the matching segment will result in much higher engagements for your email marketing campaigns.

Overall, email automation takes care of repetitive tasks. It reduces the workload of the marketing team especially as the email list increases. With softwares like Sendmunk, an automated contact management feature means that  customers data is updated automatically when any new action is performed by a subscriber. Time is saved since it is not done manually for each subscriber.

This way finetuning your segments is easy, fast, and less complex. With the exact data of customers you can target them easily based on their past purchase behavior. And this can be used to track new prospect behavior. 

Email automation allows you to track or monitor deliverability of your emails. You want to be able to track or monitor whether or not subscribers are actually opening it, clicking links or going through your content.

The tracking features allow you assess how well your campaign is doing so you can see how to make adjustments. When you have a detailed list of people who have opened the email, you can trigger the next series of emails for that segment. Tracking and monitoring also gives you some level of insight on typical customer experience that you can draw inference from. This can be used to improve services you provide.

With email automation, you can remind your leads about their abandoned shopping carts and send consecutive mails that remind them of a beneficial transaction they were about to complete. This is a subtle way of staying top of minds with your leads.

When the need arises for your product or service, your brand will be the first to consider. Without email automation, this is almost impossible. It is not realistic going over every abandoned cart and sending mails individually.

Email automation is the Customer Relationship Management tool you never knew you needed. It’s a proven way of engaging with your leads/customers. With the right email content and catchy call to action, you build strong brand loyalty and an active community. 

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