10 Best Free Email Marketing Tools for Your Business

10 Best Free Email Marketing Tools for Your Business

If you’ve decided to take email marketing serious, you’d probably be looking for the best free email marketing tools. Well, you have landed on the right post.

Email marketing tools have varying prices and to get the best, free ones, you have to do some form of research. Well, we have done that for you so you don’t have to.

In this post, we compile the best, free, email marketing tools in the market currently.

best free email marketing tools

Best Free Email Marketing Tools

1. Sendmunk

Price: Free plan or $60 for Essential plan.

Sendmunk caters to small and medium business owners to develop a great relationship with their customers via email marketing. They provide a number of useful features for marketers and business owners to take their email marketing to the next level.

On Sendmunk, you get access to features like landing page creation, list hygiene tool, personalization, basic forms creation, marketing automation, advanced statistic, segmentation, RSS to email campaign, and more.

2. MailChimp

Price: Free plan or at least $10 per month

Mailchimp is another tool that works for small and medium business owners. They offer a nice interface for users (marketers and business owners) to manage their email database easily.

Some of the features that Mailchimp platform provides include audience management, creative tools, marketing automation, insights and analytics. There’s also provision for landing pages creation. However, mailchimp does not provide an in-platform list hygiene feature like Sendmunk does.

3. GetResponse

Price: Free or $15 per month

This platform lets marketers do a number of things from growing audiences, selling your knowledge, customer engagement, boosting online sales, and endear customers to themselves.

This is made possible via a couple of features. Some of these include email creator, autoresponders, email analytics, list management, transactional emails, landing pages, marketing automation, and more.

4. HubSpot

Price: Free or at least $45 per month

HubSpot tries to be a one-in-all tool for marketing. And one of the bundles it provides is email marketing. The email marketing platform comes free and has a lowest plan of $45 per month.

On Hubspot, there’s a drag-and-drop email builder that removes the over independence on software developers or other IT professionals. Hubspot’s robust platform allows users to do other things with their marketing database.

5. MooSend

Price: Free or at least $8 monthly

Moosend is an all-in-one marketing platform that lets you simplify marketing tasks, save time and headache. All in a bid to power growth. There’s an automation feature that helps with scaling.

Other features Moosend provides include landing pages, subscription forms, newsletter editor, e-commerce AI, tracking, reporting and analytics, and more. Editor’s also drag & drop.

6. SendInBlue

Price: Free or at least $25 per month

Growing, selling, and engaging with your email database or customers is made possible with SendInBlue. They even go beyond emails to SMS and chat platforms.

To make email marketing possible for marketers and business owners, SendInBlue have built features like personalization, segmentation, marketing automation, transactional emails, signup forms, and so on.

7. SendPulse

Price: Free or at least $10 monthly

Here’s a platform that calls itself a suite of email marketing tools. Sendpulse has a drag & drop editor for users to create fantastic emails. Even easier, it has over 130 free templates across various email niches to achieve this. 

You can also automate complex flows on Sendpulse with ‘Automation 360’. Triggering emails with the occurrence of certain event is possible with the platform too.

8. Mailjet

Price: Free or at least $9.5 monthly.

Transactional emails, Email APIs, SMTP relay, are parts of what Mailjet offers. Although, the sets of features you have access to vary depending on price.

Mailjet also has a premium plan with support for high volumes, custom numbers of users and advanced permissions, and an inbox preview. This premium plan comes with a customized offer.

9. Mailerlite

Price: Free or at least $10 every month

10. Mailgun

Price: Free or at least $35 monthly

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